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Tobacco Chemistry:2019 ,2:62-71
GONG Shuguo, LIU Wei, HUANG Ping, ZHUO Ningye, ZHONG Kejun, YI Jianhua, YIN Xinqiang, DAI Yuangang. Puff-by-puff release of main aerosol components from two commercial heat-not-burn tobacco products[J]. Tobacco Science & Technology, 2019 (2): 62-71

Puff-by-puff release of main aerosol components from two commercial heat-not-burn tobacco products
GONG Shuguo, LIU Wei, HUANG Ping, ZHUO Ningye, ZHONG Kejun, YI Jianhua, YIN Xinqiang, DAI Yuangang
Technology Research & Development Center, China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd., Changsha 410007, China
In order to investigate the puff-by-puff release of main components in aerosols of heat-not-burn (HnB) tobacco products, samples of two commercial HnB tobacco products (IQOS and GLO) with different heating methods were studied with puff-by-puff puffing and aerosol trapping via a modified rotary smoking machine. A method for detecting the glycerol, nicotine, water content and main aroma substances in the HnB aerosols was established, and the puff-by-puff variations of main aerosol components were measured under two puffing regimes (ISO and HCI). The results showed that:1) The average recovery of nicotine, glycerol and water contents was higher than or equal to 99.7%, and the relative standard deviation was less than or equal to 5.32%. 2) Under the two puffing regimes, the releases of nicotine and glycerol in IQOS aerosols increased first, then stabilized and finally decreased with the proceeding puffs. The release of nicotine in GLO aerosols was more variable, it was increased and then decreased in the first few puffs, then increased and finally decreased again with the remaining puffs, while the glycerol level in GLO increased first and then decreased. 3) With the proceeding puffs, the water content in IQOS aerosols increased first and then decreased under ISO puffing regime, while gradually decreased under HCI puffing regime. The water content in GLO aerosols gradually decreased under the two smoking regimes. 4) With the proceeding puffs, the neophytadiene in IQOS aerosols increased gradually under ISO smoking regime, while increased first and then decreased under HCI smoking regime. The levels of furfural, hydroxy acetone, acetic acid and solanone increased first and then decreased, while 5-methylfurfuraldehyde and furfuryl alcohol levels increased gradually under the two puffing regimes. The main aroma substances in GLO aerosols presented a double increasing first and then decreasing trend under the two puffing regimes.
Key words:    Heat-not-burn tobacco product    Puffing regime    Aerosol    Glycerol    Nicotine    Moisture content    Aroma substance    Puff-by-puff release   
Received: 2018-06-22     Revised: 2018-10-10
DOI: 10.16135/j.issn1002-0861.2018.0257
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GONG Shuguo
ZHUO Ningye
YI Jianhua
YIN Xinqiang
DAI Yuangang

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